A whole week touring Catalonia to share our love for the circus! From Moi Jordana Companyia de Circ we have been working non-stop, offering our services and organizing workshops and shows everywhere.

We started the week with a juggling workshop at the Pere Vila school in Barcelona, followed by the “Waltz” circus show. Next, we were presenting our juggling workshop at the main festival in Montcada and Reixac. And finally, last Saturday, we were invited to the Barri de la Salut in Badalona, where we did the same workshop.

The experiences we had were incredible and we realized how well received the circus is in Catalonia. The emotions and smiles that our performances awakened in people filled us with happiness.

We leave you some photos of our performances. Here we wish you a very good week and remind you that the circus is health!

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