After enjoying different places in Catalonia, the members of Moi Jordana Companyia de Circ still have some to visit. We show you a photo of our visit to the 7th Cubelles Clown Show.

This summer has been an unforgettable experience for us. We were able to enjoy visiting different places in Catalonia accompanied by our mascot “Mr Alret”. We have shared unique moments and we have a few left to do so.

One of the last stops was the 7th Cubelles Clown Show, where we were able to enjoy a day full of activities. A day where the clowns have gathered to show off their skills and their circus numbers for all the attendees.

As members of Moi Jordana Company de Circ we were proud to participate in this show and to be able to enjoy a unique experience. You can see a photo of our visit to the 7th Cubelles Clown Show below.

It is an experience that we will never forget and that has helped us to continue enjoying our trips and experiencing different places in Catalonia. We still have some to discover and we will continue to enjoy them with Mr Alret.

Photo: Montse Carrasco

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