We bring you the latest news from our adventure in Colombia with Clowns Without Borders, where we brought joy and laughter to nearly 3200 children and adults. Read this article to learn about our experience!

We just returned home after 15 days of touring Colombia with Clowns Without Borders. The aim of our adventure was to bring joy and laughter to nearly 3200 people, including children and adults. We have done 19 performances, some of them for internally displaced people, returnees from Venezuela and Venezuelans who have just arrived in Colombia.

All the experiences we’ve had have helped us grow as people in every aspect. Groucho Marx said that humor is reason when life has gone mad. This adventure has allowed us to see that this statement is true, since laughter is one of the keys to connecting.

Thanks to Acnhur Américas and Clowns Without Borders for making this adventure possible, which has brought us great emotions and filled our backpacks with memories.

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